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May Opportunities

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New York City before summer

New York City before a Major Fall Weekend

Major Broadway shows have started

It is the weekday, with many opportunites

Maybe an Annual “Thing”

Spring Marathon

New York City May

New York City November



May Itinerary (2019)

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Our fall trip includes several broadway shows, but at that time, the shows and cast are stale (and unpredictable)

May for:
Museums (Which Shows) I love the Frick

An early flight
Into New York in the morning
Central Park
Metropolitan Museum


Zabars or Fairway

8:00 Performance


Early Run
Early Museum
1:00 Early Show

Post Show Picnic

An Early Flight
Right Back Into Work

To Kill a Mockingbird

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Very Expensive, but very good

Aaron Sorkin
Jeff Daniels

For some reason, I believe the Jeff Daniels will perform
(despite a history of bad luck)

King Lear (2019)

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Hearing buzz about Glenda Jackson playing King Lear, I jumped

Wanted to go all in, early in the run
It may be appropriate for a woman to play King Lear in 2019
Really something to see

She won just won a Tony award in 2018

If you are going to choose the best play to see in 2019, this may be it

You have To Kill A Mockingbird, with Jeff Daniels
(but we have learned never to attend a play based on a major actor)

We have learned not to wait and see a play in November, during the New York City Marathon, because the casts are getting stale, actors leaving or taking time off

We are excited

2018 Post-Morteum

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Smooth Transition to Buses
Stand in Line to Buy Metro Card
MTA was under construction

Cluster Fuck at Packet Pickup
Small Shirt Problem (the medium was small, even the wrists)

Bike was good choice from Javits to Hotel
Bike was good choice to Marathon Ferry
Pack Something to Sit On

No Central Park
No Museums
No Shows
No Postcards

Mouse in Room (Eww)
Mouse Lesson (Brushing Crumbs on the Floor)
(next time, mouse trap?)

Disillusioned by Zabars
Like Fairway Grocery
Like the Local Deli
Really Like the Coffee Stand and Scones
Pack the Coffee Thermos

Bought French New York City Chapstick
Bought Floral Essences
Bought Knife, and Wooden Pomagranite Spoon and Pomagranite Container

Itinerary 2019

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New York City Weather google
Weather Bug
Water Temperature Ohio Street Beach

Friday, November 1st
Depart Early to New York City
Land at LaGuardia
Travel to Jacob K. Javits Convention Center for Marathon Packet Pick-Up
Take the Citibike to the Hotel
Check In to Hotel
Out to Museums
Metropolitan Museum of Art
But there are other notable musuems including Guggenheim, Frick, MOMA and Neues
Citibike Ride
Broadway Show

Saturday, November 2nd

Central Park Jog
Morning Activity
Citibike Ride
Broadway Matinee
Hunker Down

Sunday, November 5th
New York City Marathon

Monday, November 6th
Central Park Jog
Depart for Home

Last Year:
I was able to check in to my room early (and was weary)
So I went out shopping
Stayed In: No Central Park, No Breakfast, No Museum
Run for Kids (amenities) Quit into Manhattan
Did not Run Monday Morning
Lots of Deli
Disheartened by Zabars

Mouse Traps

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Last year, during the visit in New York City, I was startled with a movement out of the corner of my eye and saw A MOUSE zipping around my room.

This hotel is great and affordable with an excellent location
But there was no desk this visit (there was a dresser instead)
I ate my morning Scone beside the bed,
And then, most inadvisedly, brushed the crumbs onto the floor.

The mouse appeared the next day:

In some combination:
I moved some furniture, and chased the mouse out of the door
But soon learned that the little rodent could easily pass under the door
– this time I chased him down the hall
I went down to the desk and asked for a mouse trap, but they were clearly too busy (and I was not shrieking, over emotional, rather trying to be reasonable)

The mouse appeared a third time (it reminded me of a humming bird) quickly moving about, this time appearing from under the radiator
There was nothing that I could do.

But when the mouse had cleaned-up all the crumbs on the floor, it disappeared out and under the door, never to return.

Next Time:
I might bring mouse traps
I will be extra careful about dropping any bits of food on the floor

It is an old city building, this had never happened before and now I am older and wiser with an acceptable solution