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My Fair Lady

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We hit the jackpot with The King and I at Lincoln Center Theater

Kelly O’Hara
Tony Award

So we hope that My Fair Lady will also be Amazing

It is a classic musical, with a deep history on the stage and screen

The actors in this production are familiar, but don’t seem to sure-things
But our hopes are high

Lincoln Center is one of our favorites
It’s not risky, consistently good
You can purchase an annual membership
We have never been disappointed
And it is accessible, affordable, intimate
(as opposed to the Metropolitan Opera in the same complex)

My Fair Lady (LCT)

My Fair Lady


“Some Place New”

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On each trip it is important to find “Some Place New”
Invariably, we will set off to this new locale, get lost, discover something that we couldn’t have planned for, before arriving at “Some Place New”

We have tried and true places that could easily fill our itinerary:
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Central Park
Beacon Theater
Lincoln Center and Public Theaters

But a complete trip includes “Some Place New”

We Got Lost on the way to:
-The Cloisters (appreciable climb and view)
-Bike across the Brooklyn Bridge (impossible to find the on-ramp)
Both adventures are worth-in on a nice day, but could be disastrous on a cold blustery day

Russ and Daughters (one of-a-kind small place – unique and extensive selection of bagels, cream cheese, herring, pickles and probably salmon)
Although Sunday morning was a REALLY BAD TIME, as we should have known
We’ve heard that New Yorkers Don’t Mind Waiting In Line – WE DO

Museum Trips to the Frick, Neues, Gugenheim and Whitney were VERY REWARDING albiet one-time experiences
The Museum of Natural History might be worth another visit
Our trips to Museums are preferably early in the day, close to opening time.
Too far into the afternoon and these places are swarming with tourists and children in school groups.

Central Park

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When we travel, we are attracted to monumental icons of that place. Complex locations where you often find yourselves lost. Central Park is such a place. Our Mom, not much of a traveler, dreams of going to Central Park, though she doubts that this will ever happen.

One of the first places that we visit upon arriving in New York City is the Central Park Fountain. This takes us halfway through the park on the way to 5th Avenue and many Art Museums

Last time, we returned through Central Park, climbing a hill, to Turtle Pond and the Delacourt Theatre, then proceeded to Zabar’s a frequent stop when in New York City.

The day before the New York City marathon we run in Central Park. This event is almost as good as the New York City Marathon. Lots of visitors, a predominate amount of Italians for some reason. The marathon stats don’t support so many Italians, maybe they are just conspicuous. (I always notice Italians during marathon weekend)

During this run, I try to run a 10K, starting at the finish line, past the fountain, towards the resevoir. My problem occurs here. I don’t know how to circle around and return South. Recently, I circle around the resevoir, it seems against the grain, near the Gugenheim, then return south. Sometimes I have tried to loop above the resevoir and ususally get lost. Anyway,

Lincoln Center Theater

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Lincoln Center Theater
150 West 65th Street

Lincoln Center Theater (Google)

Lincoln Center Theater (Wikipedia)

Official Site


Seating Charts

We buy an annual membership to the Lincoln Center Theater (“LCT”)

Lincoln Center is in the West Side Neighborhood where we usually stay, close to Central Park. It doesn’t cost very much, you receive advance notice of shows, priority sales and a discount on tickets.

Initially, we favored the Saturday Matinee at the Metropolitan Opera, buying the cheapest seat, in the highest side balcony. Our perch was above the chandeliers, literally viewing the tops of the singers heads. But it was cheap and it was the Saturday Matinee of the Metropolitan Opera, which may still be broadcast live nationwide.
And then this became expensive, – not such a good deal, which cleared our eyes as to how bad these seats actually were and how much better you can experience the opera on radio or Public Television. (If you have never been to the Metropolitan Opera in person, we still recommend this)

Our annual LCT membership is an insurance policy, and an alternative to quite expensive plays on Broadway. The plays are solid, sometimes extraordinary, especially the recent King and I and the upcoming My Fair Lady in 2018.

Walking onto the Lincoln Center Plaza, with it’s familiar fountain provides great satisfaction, simple pleasure and even giddiness. You almost feel like a New Yorker, going to the show at what is certainly a New York monument.


2017 Itinerary

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Early Airline Flight
Metro to Hotel
Check In
Museum (Early)
Post Cards
Food Shop
8:00 Evening Performance

Central Park
2:00 Broadway Show
Food Shop
8:00 Second Show

Bike Ride
1:00 Show

Central Park
Noon Airline Flight

Theater Watch (2017)

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Hamlet (Public Theater) Closes September 3rd

A major component of our trips to New York City is to see great theater
There is the endurance of seeing several shows in a short period of time.

Major Lesson: Never go to see the show because of the celebrity
Go to see a solid show

It is trial and error, with great successes and expensive losses

See the Best Show
(There is nothing like it)
Fun House
American Idiot
Book of Mormon

Off Broadway:
Public Theater
Theater at Lincoln Center

Metropolitan Opera
Cheap seats are really “Bad” and then they got expensive

A Little Night Music (2nd Cast) AMAZING
with Bernadette Peters and Elaine Strict
(After Tony Award winning Catherine Zeta Jones and Angela Lansbery had departed)

Buying the Best Shows and Trying to Sell them
(terrible expensive idea)

When the Featured Star takes the day off
-Beautiful, The Musical (Heartbreaking and so Disappointing)
View From the Bridge (Hot Cramped Theater)
Going to see the Celebrities instead of seeing a Great Show
Betrayal, Full of Stars, Daniel Craig
Star Vehicle (Abranson, Channing,