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Wet Work

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it’s really not “wet work”
but I like the sound of it

it is the Fifth Business

Things that just need to be done

Buy in Advance (Prep)

Water (Lots of Water)

The Perfect Postcards
(pack addresses and stamps)

Bananas and Coffee for Saturday Morning

Bananas and Coffee for Sunday Morning

Munchies for Post Marathon
-Maybe some Beers



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Bagels that you seldom find outside of New York City

Russian Bagel

It’s a Dark Everything Bagel

Salt Bagel

(What is Pumpernickel?)

Marathon Weekend in New York City

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Almost every fall we fly to New York City for the New York Marathon. Hopefully we are running in it.

Elements of the Trip

Depart out on the earlier flight Friday Morning
Take Public Transporation from LaGuardia, ride the Citibike whenever possible
Have breakfast at a cheap diner
Pick Up Race Packet
Check In to Hotel
Afternoon visit to Central Park and a Museum (Museum Grid)
Grab and Snack and a Nap
Evening Music Concert

A Sunday Run in Central Park the day before the Marathon is almost as good as the marathon, a real party
(although maybe it is like that every Saturday morning in Central Park
Visit a Museum or Church. Light a Candle
Buy Postcards


Metropolitan Museum of Art

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art
(when in Paris, you would always visit the Louvre, when in New York City, always visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The front facade is an iconic image, just sitting on the front steps makes you feel like a New Yorker, hanging out

We love museums, their Gift Shops and even their restaurants and cafes are of good quality.

The cafeteria at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has good grub. It is not cheap, but it is delicious and it is our crowd of pedestrians.

Big enough to get lost.
We always frequent paintings

Renting an Audio Tour is a great investment

New York City Marathon

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It speaks for itself, it is the Mona Lisa of Marathons

Visit New York City every fall whether you are running or not

It is well organized and first class
Sometimes it feels like there are more Italians than New Yorkers

Stay in lodging near Central Park, for jogging before and after the race
(the finish line is a “short” walk from your hotel)

Find a current Broadway show, researching the best alternatives early in the year.
However, by November these shows have played for months and principal cast members replaced after you buy tickets. We have also found that the Sunday matinees are a common time for these principals to take a day off from the show.
Our personal rule-of-thumb is not to buy tickets based on a big name, you will often be disappointed. Go to see the play. The good news it that there is so much talent on Broadway that you will not be disappointed.

Discovering special exhibits at museums, or explore uncharted areas

We maintain theater subscriptions at several theaters which is a good way to support theater and also explore alternatives to shows on Broadway. Our


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Depart Early to New York City

Land at LaGuardia

Travel to Jacob K. Javits Convention Center for Marathon Packet Pick-Up

Check In to Hotel

Three Days (Friday Noon to Monday Noon)

Central Park
The Map



Out to Museums
Metropolitan Museum of Art – Delacroix Exhibit
But there are other notable musuem including Guggenheim, Frick, MOMA and Neues
Citibike Ride
Broadway Show


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A great New York City experience is the large grocery stores on Broadway, Upper West Side

They are like Museums of Grocery Stores. Like Le Louvre or The Metropolitan Museum of Art. You could get lost in there – can’t find your way out, can’t find the check-out.

But they have a very efficient check out system

Whole Foods at Columbus Circle is this way, BUT VISIT SOMEWHERE ELSE which is more New York

Fairway Market