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“I like to see them spit”

We appreciate the New York City and Broadway experience

Some like to be back-a-ways to see the full stage and choreography at the proper distance

But for us,

we want to see them sweat and spit
we want them to look up in the eye
in the first couple rows

when we go to the Opera next fall, we want to see the interaction between the Conductor and the Diva, sitting in the first row.

That is what we like

And realize that we will sacrifice the Full Picture

But we know what we like


Bronx Zoo

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One of Top 5 Zoos in US

Way Upper West Side

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Columbia University

St John the Devine Church
(is this the Big Church?)

Symphony Space

The Cloisters

Besides Broadway

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There is nothing better than a good Broadway Show
(I could make a lot list of “priceless” experiences”

I could also create a list of disappointments
-they are so expensive
-there is no guarantee that the actor will not take off this performance
-the later is the run of the show, the more unpredictable

So we can to New York in early May
Spent big money
To See Big Actors

That said, there are many opportunities for performances Outside of Broadway

The Opera
The Public
Lincoln Center Theaters
Beacon Street Theater
Symphony Space

It is the reason that I return to New York

To know New York better

Symphony Space

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Mesmerized by Selected Shorts on Public Radio

Recorded at Symphone Space on the “Upper” West Side
(I’m not the best person to define what is “Upper” West Side)

Have walked by this address, have occasionally checked the calendar

We happened upon an event with the likes of:
Kate Burton (one of the Burtons)
Mary Karr

A Good Performance Event
At a Fair Price

Selected Shorts: Motherhood with Celeste Ng and Mary Karr

We should be stoked

Fifth Business

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The Fifth Business is a term we came across while reading a book by Robinson Davies
Apparently it is a term related to magic trick or story telling. An element which is essential, but not dominant character or step of a magic trick.

Accordingly, an essential element of a travel trip is pushing the element to experience something new (regardless of how comfortable it is to repeat the familiar)

Accordingly we bought tickets to Symphony Space, which is the venue of Selected Shorts, a favorite radio program, performing short stories.
Recording sessions are rare, so when there is synchronization with your schedule, you have to buy cardboard.

Maybe a stop at Sylvias in Harlem

No one will be impressed, but if you stretch yourself on a buzy day, it will enhance your trip. (Maybe it will help the progress to mental toughness)

Other Ideas include:
A Hammam (spa) in Paris
A New York Cemetery (sounds dangerous)
A New York Church (an easy one)
A New Area of the City
A New Hotel
A Restaurant
Another Museum

It is a good thing to push yourself into (“dangerous” and) uncharted waters
(unless you sink the ship)

Find Something New

Expend your horizons

Possible Places

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Places where you have never been, but could try


Symphony Space
(Selected Shorts)

Tickets of a waste of money


Burn Cardboard